Hanshi Yamashita10th Degree Black Belt Grand Master of OBI
Hanshi E. Montez Dennis9th Degree Master InstructorOwner / Instructor
Hanshi Rudolph Barfield9th Degree Master InstructorActive Board Member
Carlos Holland Dennis6th Degree Black BeltIntroductory Class Instructor
Natalie Dennis 6th Degree Black BeltPresident / Instructor
Cephuse Ross 6th Degree Black BeltStudent Instructor
Hal Gwyn 4th Degree Black BeltStudent Instructor




"Golden Sun Dojo knows what good
teachers do. Good teachers plant a
seed in someone's life and watch it
grow. They water it well with
encouragement. So that the roots
will be deep and well grounded.
This you will find in our Karate-Do."

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E. Montez Dennis

Rudolph Barfield

Natalie Dennis

Holland Dennis
Cephuse Ross Hal Gwyn  

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