Carlos Holland Dennis is the introductory class instructor and main class assistant for all evening and Saturday classes. Mr. C. Dennis began his study of martial arts in 1984. His major accomplishments include Renshi title in 1995 of the U.S. Shorin-Ryu Karate Association; 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002 World fall Classic Open overall men’s Grand Champion; 1999-2002 East Coast Martial Arts Tidewater Challenge Kata and Fighting Grand Champion; he has won over 300 trophies and awards during his 18 years in martial arts. Mr. C. Dennis currently holds a 5th degree black belt under Tadashi Yamashita. He graduated from Thomas Nelson Community College with an associate’s degree and is now attending Norfolk State University. He is currently pursuing a degree in kinesthiology and is hoping to study further into sports medicine. This young man has shown that it is not the one who strives to be first but
the one who is first to strive that makes a true leader. Carlos Dennis has also gone on to represent Golden Sun Dojo studio and Playmakers National Karate Team at local and National martial arts events winning championships all around the U.S.

No one has followed the career of Martial Artist Carlos Dennis more closely than his Father & Instructor Kyoshi Montez Dennis. Carlos is a dedicated Martial Artist who started at the age of 5 and Kyoshi Dennis has taught him Karate ever since. Now he demonstrates his ability in sparring, weapons and forms all over the world as a Nationally-Ranked Martial Artist. Kyoshi Dennis encourages him and travels with him along with other members of the team all around the country. Because it’s not about how many battles he wins, he knows that it’s the ones he walks away from that make him a real martial artist. Kyoshi Dennis is his Father, Teacher and his #1 Fan.

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