Hanshi Rudolph Barfield, 9th Degree Master Instructor, serves as an active board member of the Golden Sun Dojo organization. Mr. Barfield is the main Weapons Instructor for the studio. Mr. Barfield is known to have trained with, competed with and defeated some of the best martial artists in the world. Mr. Barfield was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 1997. Mr. Barfield has trained many of the Playmakers National Karate Team members for the past 8 years. Mr. Barfield has over 33 years of martial arts experience. Kyoshi Barfield holds his certification with World Black Belt, Inc. U.S. Travel Marshals Aid. Mr. Barfield is best known for his unquestionable ability to have mastered the art of the Okinawan weapons. Over the past 29 years, he has won well over 500 trophies and has had the opportunity to be involved with some of the greatest sport karate competitors in the
history of the sport. He is known to have coached many competitors and scores of other champions. Master’s Shugoro Nakazato and Tadashi Yamashita honorably presented Mr. Barfield’s rank in the martial arts to him. Mr. Barfield is an active board member of the USA National Karate-Do Federation (USANKF) and also serves as judges official and referee for the organization.

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